Divide by Zero

Goodbye Steve

Steve joined World First at around the same time I did and from that moment until my last day he was a powerful force in my life. Steve was the head of infrastructure and insanely busy but never too busy to give me his time. He taught me ansible, system robustness, more about Linux than I can recount. He taught me things that weren’t relevant to my work like his Microsoft Exchange failover methods just because I asked.

Steve was never once angry or upset at me despite having reason to be. When I broke things he used that as a tool for teaching me new lessons. I called him at 2-4am when World First’s systems were down so many times that I lost count and he was never once angry at me for doing so. Even at 3am on a Sunday when everything’s busted he would take the time to teach me.

He would involve me in infrastructure decisions, in redundancy tests and anything else he thought would benefit me, usually at the cost of his own time. He taught me what it is to be a good manager and was important to my career progression at World First (and now beyond).

He helped me when I was depressed. He was a role model when I stopped believing in role models. A shoulder to cry on when I needed it. A truly selfless friend when I was struggling to find friends. A great drinking buddy and a great life coach.

Goodbye friend. I know you’ll never be able to read this but thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I hope you understood even half of what you’ve done for me.

Written by Matthew Hotchen on