Divide by Zero

I've moved to Jekyll

Out with the evil Mr. Hyde

After 2 years on wordpress I can safely say that it’s a bit of a monster, and don’t like it. It’s slow, I’ve been hacked, it has the wrong features (decent user management, but no code highlighting by default), and customizing templates remains an absolute nightmare.

Enter Jekyll

Jekyll generates static files from markdown which I can serve using any old webserver (for now that would be github pages).

No more fear of getting hacked, no more 30 calls to a database, version control for my posts, a super clean and simple templating system, and vim as my editor. Beautiful :)

Migrating from Wordpress

Using Jekyll Import was quite easy. It exported all of my articles, comments, etc. and they all work (though they require some basic reformatting, which is to be expected).

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